Listed below are the books written by Ayo Adebamowo till date, a brief intro on them and how they can be obtained.

Maximizing the Journey: An Introduction 
Life is a journey in which almost everyone is constantly striving to actualise an aspiration, a desire, a goal, a dream or an objective but invariably experiencing various outcomes, some pleasant  and some unpleasant.
In Maximizing the Journey, readers are provided with time-tested principles which when consistently applied will enhance their capacity to obtain successful outcomes in their endeavours.

In this personal and professional development book, you will discover proven strategies you can immediately apply to:
• Increase your income
• Handle your finances more effectively
• Choose or transit into a preferred career
• Constantly get ahead in the workplace
• Minimise risks in business so as to maximize returns
• Deepen your relationships and expand your networks
• Become a better leader at home or at work
• Get the most out of your relationships with people
• Influence outcomes in your favour
• Improve your performance in your field of endeavour
• Solve problems, overcome obstacles and handle setbacks
• Become the kind of person who succeeds
• Create the future you want
• Become more valuable and more productive
• Set the right goals and actualise them
• Take the kind of actions that will enable you live your dreams rather than be enslaved by your fears

A Life of Impact: An Introduction

Deep within most of us is an impassioned desire to achieve something meaningful with our lives, help others to the best of our ability, make an impact in our undertakings and ultimately live life as a fulfilled dream rather than as a monument of regrets. Between this legitimate desire and its actualization, just as with any other aspiration, is a gap of proven knowledge that needs to be acted upon for expectations to become realities. A Life of Impact has been written primarily to bridge this gap.

     In A Life of Impact, you will discover how to:

  Ø  Generate repeatable success, multiply opportunities, and maximize success.
  Ø      Effect desired change, affect people positively, and make an impact in what you do
Ø      Improve the quality and quantity of results
Ø      Enhance financial success
Ø      Get the best out of people
Ø      Develop future generations
Ø      Help others succeed
Ø      Influence people to take decisions that will advance your cause 
Ø      Develop the leader within you and the leaders around you
Ø      Become efficient, remain competitive, and maintain currency in your field
Ø      Increase your value perception 
Ø      Run a successful organisation
Ø      Ensure long-term success, build durable enterprises, and secure the future
Ø      Avoid preventable difficulties, overcome limitations, and recover from setbacks
Ø      Cope successfully with changes both positive and negative.
Ø      Live your life as a fulfilled dream rather than as a monument of regrets

Success Power: An Introduction
    From the inspiring stories of various individual like Abraham Lincoln, Billy Graham, Albert Einstein, Apostle Paul, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Enoch Adeboye, Ralph Emerson, John Rockefeller and numerous others are drawn helpful insights that will prove valuable in achieving desired success in all areas of life. Backed with scriptural facts, Success Power highlights certain cardinal requirements for success we often over look and which inevitably deny us of our legitimate entitlements in this adventure called life. The book is intended to motivate the readers to accomplish the dreams of their heart regardless of their present limitations.

      What secrets can you and I learn from the humble but inspiring stories and sayings of the following individuals and others?
·         Enoch Adeboye- The world’s greatest crowd puller
·         Thomas Alva Edison- The world’s greatest inventor
·         Bill Gates- The world’s richest man
·         Apostle Paul- The greatest Christian Missionary
·         Ralph Waldo Emerson- America’s wisest man ever
·         King Solomon- The wisest monarch of all times
·         Albert Einstein- Man of the (20th) century & world’s greatest scientist
·         John D Rockefeller- The richest man in modern history
·         David Oyedepo- Pastor of the word’s largest church auditorium
·         William Shakespeare- The greatest name in English Literature
·         Confucius- The greatest among the sages of China
 *What does it take to accomplish the dreams of your heart regardless of all oppositions?
*What does it take for messengers to become managers; gatemen to become great men and the led to become the leader?
*In essence, how can you become the best that you can be? Find out answers to these posers and much more in this motivational book: SUCCESS POWER